Charity fashion show


Last week I was honoured to have been invited to a charity fashion show. It wasn't just any old invitation... I was to be guest of honour! I realise this was due to the fact that I edit the monthly fashion page in the local newspaper. But I was still honoured, nonetheless. The event was a huge success and many more people attended than was previously thought. Everyone had a ball. The models were all volunteers or friends of volunteers at the local animal charity, Nandi, and they were all so professional. It was fantastic. What was so remarkable about the show was that all the clothes were 'vintage' (I love that word!), in other words, they were all second hand items that had previously been donated to the charity shops. You would never have known would you?!
There was also an added surprise in the form of a sensuous salsa performed by two dancers from Strictly Social Dance. It was superb! And just in time for the beginning of Strictly Come Dancing on TV. Great timing! Here are some of the photos I took of this excellent cause...

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