I have just had the fright of my life...
While sitting here at my laptop, browsing through sites that should help promote my work (one can only hope!), something landed on my face... on my eye to be exact.
I screamed, through off my glasses (luckily they landed softy on the desk) and jumped a mile into the air (ok... perhaps I can exaggerate a little bit) and ran as fast as I could out of our home office. I am shuddering at the thought. Urgh.
As I shook off my faithful pink cardie and headed into the bathroom to inspect my poor face. I couldn't see a thing. Whatever it was, was no longer. No longer on my head anyway.
Urgh... I can't stop shuddering.
As I carefully tiptoed back to my desk, scouring the place for anything alien... I noticed a little grasshopper on the floor. Urgh... a grasshopper had landed on my eye... of all places!
Urgh... I know I keep saying Urgh... but it's all I can think of to say.
Oh, the joys of living in this part of the world... and out in the countryside as well. Bugs galore.

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