Withdrawal symptoms


You never realise just how much you rely on the internet until you lose it. That's what happened to me last week. I switched on the laptop and opened Explorer and then... nothing. I switched it off and on again... nothing. 'That's odd', I thought.
And then I was summoned to dinner by hubby (it's great being married to someone who does most of the cooking!), and by the time we'd eaten, I'd forgotten all about the computer. It wasn't until the following evening that I tried connecting again and realised we were offline. Our landline had also been affected.
I rang Telecom and they said we would be fixed within a day. It took a week. Typical.
Almost every night, there was something I wanted to check online for, but couldn't, obviously. Also, I was so conscious of not updating my blog... that was the worse thing. It made me realise that I had become quite dependent on my twice weekly blog updates. It was actually making me a bit irritable!
Fortunately we are now back up and running. It appears that we had a faulty line. When Telecom had initially installed the line, they had not connected it properly, meaning we'd had a dodgy line for nearly four years! Oh well... at least it's fixed now. Let's hope it doesn't happen again or I'll be getting withdrawal symptoms.
Talking of withdrawal symptoms... hubby has been suffering terribly with them. All week we have had terribe weather. It's been freezing cold and has rained pretty much all the time - well, every time that he was able to go out on his motorbike that is. He's been moaning and complaining about it, standing staring out at the window as if urging the sun to shine. I got so fed up with it, I practically forced him out this afternoon. "Just go out on your cross bike and get muddy, for god's sake. As long as you wear waterproof clothes, you'll be fine", I said to him, as I shoved him out the door. It's not that I wanted a bit of time to myself, of course....

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