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Several weeks ago I had a slight accident in my car. I was driving towards a roundabout and therefore slowed down to a stop. Moments later I was shunted from behind. My immediate thoughts were that the back of the car must be smashed to pieces, considering the force of the impact. However, on seeing it, I was surprised by how little ‘visual’ damage there was.
The driver of the other car was a young woman, very pleasant and very apologetic. It turns out that the car wasn’t hers, it belonged to the huge company she worked for, hence she wasn’t too worried about the damage (to the car or to her pocket!).
We sorted everything out and handed all the necessary paperwork to our respective insurance companies and waited for them to contact us. As my car is a solid little Mini Cooper S, we prefer to use the services of BMW / Mini to get it fixed. We finally took it in yesterday morning.
Fortunately our insurance company was able to offer us a hire car while the Mini is being fixed. Unfortunately, compared to the Mini, our replacement is dire... to say the least!
Although the Citroen C3 looks like a cute little car from the outside, it’s a totally different story inside! What appear to be bucket seats, hug you in all the wrong places – making it quite an uncomfortable ride, every time you change gear you bang your elbow on the arm rest, the hideous dashboard speedometer, etc is so big and in your face it almost distracts you from actually driving! But the worst thing of all is... it’s just so slow! Usually I can easily pull out into the fast lane to overtake, yet this morning I was barely even able to reach the speed limit, let alone pass anyone else! I think I will now look upon my little Mini with renewed enthusiasm and love. It’s speedy, incredibly comfortable and a strong little car!

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