Slow down


After a few weeks of glorious spring-like weather, the dark clouds have returned with a vengeance. Last night, it rained non-stop and the drive into work this morning was hazardous to say the least. When I say hazardous, I don’t mean roads covered in ice and snow like the recent flurry in the UK, I’m talking rain so heavy that you can barely see your bonnet, let alone the car in front of you.
I love driving at the best of the times, but can’t stand it when you can’t see very well at all – this meaning either when it’s raining so hard or at night when the combination of darkness and oncoming blinding lights make it almost nigh on impossible to manoeuvre the car. OK, perhaps I am being a bit of a drama queen (it’s in my nature) but I just don’t like driving when conditions aren’t at their best.
Pottering down the motorway (I certainly wasn’t going to speed in such conditions, was I?), I did notice an accident. It looked like it might have involved two of three cars and it had only just happened. All drivers were at the side of the road on their mobile phones. Luckily, this time, there didn’t seem to be any injuries. Speed was probably what caused it. It usually is.
People don’t seem to take into account the heavy rain when driving – instead they hop into their vehicles and put their feet to the floor as if the weather was impeccable and the roads dry. It drives me mad when they come speeding past you in conditions like those, not only will they likely kill themselves, they will likely take you with them. It sends shivers down my spine just to think what might happen.
Slow down, people. It won’t hurt you. In fact it might just save your life.

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