Panic over


I've just had a real panic... I heard from a neighbour that there was a dead cat at the top of our road. A tortoiseshell cat.
My 'baby', Hermione, is a little tortoiseshell cat and she was nowhere to be seen. My heart stopped as I trundled all over the place calling out her name. Nothing.
As much as I didn't want to, I had no choice but to walk up the road and see if it was her. I took a towel with me, just in case I needed to bring her lifeless body back. Roxy (my dog) came with me, clearly offering a bit of support. However, there was no cat to be seen anywhere.
I came home and grabbed the car keys... maybe she was further away than I'd thought.
And then, just as I was about to drive off, she appeared! Bushy tailed and frightened by the shepherd's goats and dogs that were foraging nearby.
What a relief! Hermione is okay.
In the past nine months or so, I've lost two 'babies'. Megan, most recently, was an adorable old lady of around 15 years. We picked her up from a local animal sanctuary when she was just 5 or 6 months old so she was very much a part of the family. Everybody loved her. She was so intelligent and had a fantastic character. We do miss her.
Yoda, we lost to a severe case of cat flu about 9 months ago. He was only 4 but he was the closest I've ever had to a baby(!). He was my little angel and, much to each other's disgust, was Hermione's brother. Their mother (who is also one of the family) refused to feed them after about a week so we had to feed them with little bottles from an early age. He was one in a million and we cried for days on end when he died.
I don't think I would have coped very well if we'd lost Hermione too.
Incidentally, we now have one dog, Roxy, and four cats, Hermione, Robbie, Scully, Poppy. There is another cat, Kylie, but she appears to have moved house!

This was Yoda at a few weeks old, being fed by my sister in law.

This was him shortly before he died.

Here is Hermione trying hard to get the last bit of warm sun.

The same with Roxy!

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