An emotional soul


One of my all time favourite movies was on TV this afternoon. Hope Floats, with Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr and Gena Rowlands is just adorable. Harry is such a beautiful man with such a beautiful voice! And not only is Sandra so gorgeous, she is a fantastic actress to boot. It's a sad film, of course, but with a happy ending. I just love happy endings. So much so, in fact, that I can't bear to watch anything that doesn't have one. I hate watching, or reading, anything that will leave me feeling depressed or sad. Unfortunately, I am such an emotional soul that I am highly affected by such things. A little bit like that wonderful character, June (was it June?) from The Secret Life of Bees. The sister that bursts into tears at the slightest hint of sadness.
I can cry at the drop of a hat - show me a sad picture, a moving commercial or a tragic scene in a terribly acted soap opera and I'll well up. My husband laughs at me every time I do, but I can't help it!
I dislike watching the news too often because it upsets me so much. There's just too much sadness, violence, death and pain all over the world. Of course I love to watch it when it's about something good and positive. The rescue of the Chilean miners, for example, was wonderful... although it's on the news a little too much even now that they're all safe and well. It won't be long until there's a movie about the whole saga, I'm sure.
And don't get me on 9/11. That's just too much to bear. I try to watch films or TV documentaries about it but, by the end, I have a head ache from shedding so many tears for all those poor souls who lost their lives, those that were injured and for the thousands and thousands who lost family and friends. I can't bear the thought of it... but I do because we mustn't ever forget them. I went to see Ground Zero in 2008 and it was a very moving experience. Hard though, to stay dry eyed.
Although I do feel a little silly walking out of the cinema with my eyes streaming, I don't regret being this way. It does you good to have a good cry now and then, don't you think?


  1. That's how I judge a good movie -- or book, for that matter. Living in SoCal, I try to conserve as much water as possible; so it's always well-earned when a story can squeeze a drop or two out of my eyes.

  2. I haven't seen Hope Floats, but I do own it, so after reading this, I'm going to watch it.

    I love movies and books that are able to move you, and I agree with you. It IS good to have a good cry every so often.

  3. I just saw the end of The Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins... and I shed a few tears again! Wonderful entertainment!

  4. I'm with you! Sometimes it's good to have a cry and Hope Floats is a brilliant movie choice! I for one adore Sandra Bullock and she has quite a few movies that make me cry!!

  5. Oh I'm there, Suzy. I'm an emotional mess most of the time. I've been known to cry at Episodes of Neighbours and the X Factor xx

  6. I love a good cry every once in a while. And, I have a huge crush on Harry Connick, Jr. Saw him in concert and he cracked everyone up between songs. Such talent!

    The killed off the MCs in the last two short stories I wrote. I always read my work to my kids, at their request, of course. And when I read the most recent story, they looked at me and said, "Geez, Mama. This one dies too?" In my defense, both were written for a speculative fiction contest. Lots of characters don't survive spec fi...

  7. Hi Nicole!
    I love Harry Connick Jr too... even when his character is a bit goofy, for example his role in PS I Love You movie.
    He's just lovely... and what a voice!!

    PS. I don't like reading books where some of the main characters die. If I know about it in advance, I won't read them. Too sad!


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