A freak of nature?


Is it just me or does every writer have a ridiculously wild overactive imagination?
The slightest little thing can set me off. I'll be sitting in my lounge watching something on TV with my husband when I turn and glance momentarily outside. I see an elderly woman dressed in black hunched over a crooked stick. I can't see her face mind you as she's not facing me. She's sitting atop our boundary wall looking in the opposite direction.
I mention it to my husband and he looks at me as if I've finally gone mad.
"It's an old black bin bag Suze".
"I know..." I say, "but look... it looks just like an old crone".
Again, a blank stare... at me.
"Suze... it looks like an old black bin bag because it's an old black bin bag".
He shakes his head at me and returns his attention to the TV.
I forget about the old crone.
I'll be driving down the road on my own when I see a wild beast about to pounce from the side of the road. It's curled up ready to leap on its unsuspecting prey. As I drive past, I note that that's one weird looking rock.
A leafless tree can look like a monster.
A cloud can look like the face of Homer Simpson.
A shadow can look like a scary freak following me.
But scariest of all? Our banana tree. It's a freak of nature, I tell you.
It was given to us less than a year ago. Then, it was barely the height of my knee. Now, it's more like something from Jack and the Beanstalk. I can just about see the top of it.
But it's not so much the look of that, that freak of nature, it's the noise it makes. U huh, I tell you. It makes noises.
Its branches tap against the side of the house, slowly moving up and down, taunting me over and over.
I remember a movie about a tree that terrorises a family and this is exactly the same thing. It's terrorising me. Moi!
My husband, on the other hand, is mightily proud of his enormous... banana tree... of course.


  1. I totally agree!

    Imagination overload and writing seem to go hand and hand. And makes for good inspiration.

  2. I'm not a writer myself, but I do write by myself.
    And my imagination scares me sometimes. Just like it does you. ^_^ I had this huge bone shaking experience a few days ago, and still creeps me out imagining all the possible ways that it could've been !
    But I do love a big tree, sorry your banana tree give you a hard time ! They grow fast !


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