35th Birthday Party


Despite half of those invited to my birthday party cancelling at the last minute (hangovers, illness, exhaustion, broken down car, etc), we still had a fantastic time!
There were only around 17 of us... and we had an awful lot of food... and even more booze! It was a good laugh and it was even more fun dressing up for the Hollywood theme. As usual, I chose something dark and creepy (the last fancy dress party I was Bellatrix Lestrange) - a vampire!
Here is a small selection of photos to give you an idea. Do you recognise the Invisible Man, Morticia Addams, Minnie Mouse, Madonna, Cruella de Ville and the Godfather (and of course.... Captain Jack!)? Hope you like them!


  1. What kind of cake is that? What are those things on the bottom right, near the glass of pop? And those bowls, what's in those? I can't help it. It's all about the food, for me. Glad you had fun.

  2. The eyelashes are epic!

  3. Looks like you turned 35 with style and an amazing guest list -- I mean, Minnie Mouse AND Captain Jack! Wow! I'm impressed. Happy Birthday!

  4. awww thanks guys!
    The food was great... not only did we cook a couple of yummy Indian dishes, everybody brought something with them so we had all sorts!
    This was the first time I'd ever tried fake lashes and it was fun... until they started falling off! SO not a good look!!
    It was rather fun partying with the stars!!


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