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I apologise to any straight men reading this post... as it's about all those deliciously attractive male actors out there!
After watching The Count of Monte Cristo the other night I thought it was time I shared some top eye candy with my fellow girls (sorry, guys!)

Jim Caviezel

Perhaps not the actor you would ordinarily include in your list of most handsome actors, but he is unusually beautiful. Have you seen him in Angel Eyes? It's the eyes that do it! And a lovely voice to boot.

Hugh Dancy

I first saw him in a lovely girlie, kids, film called Ella Enchanted and I was hooked. Again not only he is very handsome, but he has a lovely voice too. Clearly, I'm a sucker for a smooth voice! Since then we've seen him in all sorts of flicks including Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Jane Austen Book Club.

Gerard Butler

Probably the most attractive actor out there at the moment! He has been in a whole host of movies for our enjoyment, including PS I Love You, Reign of Fire, Tomb Raider, The Ugly Truth, Nim's Island, 300 and The Bounty Hunter. Needless to say, that Scottish accent is just dreamy!

Harry Connick Jr

He's just got that je ne sais qua, you know? Of course the voice when he sings is something else entirely. But he's just been adorable in a few movies that I've seen him in. In Hope Floats, for instance, he played alongside Sandra Bullock and he got the girl in the end. Wonderful! (Image from www.connick.com)

Josh Lucas

Another favourite film of mine is Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon. One of her love interests is played by the gorgeous Josh Lucas who has appeared in a wide variety of films including Stealth, Hulk, A Beautiful Mind and Poseidon. He's just got an adorable face!


  1. I do hope I'm included since I'm not straight! Just wanted to say thank-you for Gerard Butler (yum), thank-you for Josh Lucas (mmmm) and a HUGE thank you for Hugh Dancy (oh the things I'd do to him and that accent!)

  2. I'd definitely have to vote both Jim Caviezel and Josh Lucas "Best Eyes". DREAMY.

    Thanks for the man candy! :)

  3. Jim Caviezel for most beautiful and Harry Connick Jr for best combination of super talent and 'that certain something'!

  4. Gerard Butler...hot and scottish.

    New follower...you're 100th. :)


  5. Jim Caviezel was so cool in Outlander! I heard they are making a new TV series with him as the lead.


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