Well...we traipsed up the mountain yesterday (okay, we drove up). We followed the clouds and headed in the direction of some woods. It looked like it might be all eerie and misty until the clouds lifted (bummer).
But we continued nonetheless. I dressed as close to a teenager as I could - converse, skinny jeans, rock chick tee, etc (really, I'm 35 there's no way I'm gonna look anything like a teenager!) But we needed to give it a go so I climbed through the fallen trees and further into the woods. My husband had the camera to the ready and he got a few shots that might work (might being a rather large 'might').
I need to work on them and see what happens... but in the meantime, here is a picture of me he took as we were leaving. Just me being silly waving for you guys! (Don't worry, the pictures I've got of me for the cover are from behind.)


  1. This photo of you is much more feminine than the one on the cover. Do you have other shots that show more of your face & hair?

  2. lol.... I photoshopped the other one to make me look as much like a teenager as possible... hence the androgynous look. All skin and bone and no big bottom and wide hips!!


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