Reach for the stars


I've changed my blog background image for something more appropriate for a writer with ambition. I'm reaching for the stars! Anyone joining me??
But really, as ambitious writers we need that drive to propel us forward. Don't you agree? Admittedly, I do get very lazy at times (more often than not, actually) and find all kinds of excuses not to sit down and get any writing done. The house needs cleaning, I need to email my brother and sister in England, I NEED to go out for a coffee and a chat with friends, my hair needs washing, my shoes need polishing, my bookcase needs rearranging, my DVD collection needs to be organised into alphabetical order, my wardrobe needs sorting out........ I think, perhaps you get my drift.
This is why, every now and again, I really do need a shot of encouragement. It can come in all kinds of disguises. Reading a terrific book, a fabulous article in a woman's magazine (Woman and Home is particularly good), an amazing movie that was inspired by a book, those TV shows that show how someone has shot to stardom - from having very little to having more than they could ever need. All of these things help give me a kick up the butt.
Another of mine though, is seeing pictures of the place where I want to spend the rest of my life. Canada. My husband and I haven't yet decided where in Canada we'd like to settle. We've visited Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Our next trip will cover Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick... have you seen videos and images of these places? They're astoundingly beautiful. And that in itself makes me want to be a success. If I could write something really great, and get it published (successfully), it could potentially give us just a little income boost. And it all helps in the long run, doesn't it?
Right, now I'm going to continue with my revision of Raven, my future bestselling novel for teens!!


  1. Good luck with Raven, stick at it! Hugs...

  2. Good luck! I write science fiction, so I'm definitely reaching for the stars.

  3. Hey, you got your comments to work. Or, at least I think it was you that was having problems. My bad, if I'm thinking of the wrong blogger. Either way, have a fun day and eat well.

  4. LOL... yes it was me! I don't know what happened before but I'm relieved that it seems to be working again!
    Have a great day, too!!

  5. Ha ha! I LOVE the positive attitude! I'm sure you'll reach both your dreams.

  6. I likewise love the stars:)

    As a Newfoundlander, I may be a little partial and say it's the prettiest in all Atlantic part of the island looks the same:)

  7. Thanks guys!!
    Erica... I am in love with the look of Newfoundland. When you have a spare minute, I'd love to hear what life is like there??!!

  8. Hmmm, that's a tough one lol. I lived there until I was 22 and I definitely love the place and will always consider it home...but there is only so much snow one person can handle :p

    It's such a beautiful place, sadly the economy is not great...

    The people are ridiculously friendly and it definitely has it's own cultural feel to it. The climate varies quite a bit depending on what part of the island you are in: St. John's has a lot of fog, but as you move more central not so much.

    The west coast (be sure to visit Gros Morne if you go) looks completely different again...lots of mountains and wildlife.

    I've been in Alberta for the last three years, and love it's a lot dryer, and rains/snows way less, but boy does it get cold! And there's Banff and Jasper so if you're into skiing/hiking at all it's a great place to be.

    Hope this answers some of your questions, feel free to ask me more specific ones :)

  9. Hey, Erica
    Thank you for your message... sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I only just noticed it!
    Newfoundland certainly sounds like an amazing place... however I do feel a little torn at the moment. My husband and I were born in England but moved to Portugal as youngsters and now we feel like we've had enough of it here and want to move elsewhere. Portugal does have a lovely climate though but, sadly no snow!
    We love the snow... but obviously we've never experienced it to such a degree that you have. We do enjoy the cold weather but could we live it in? We like to think so but there is some doubt creeping in!
    We've visited Alberta (Jasper and Banff included), British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Although the further Alberta and BC are stunning, I am a little worried about moving that far west. I feel that we'd lose touch with our families & friends in Europe as flights are so long and more expensive... which is my main reason for wanting to check out Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. And those places look staggeringly beautiful. Property there seems to be decidedly cheaper too which is a plus. Wherever we go we'd be buying a house (we should be lucky enough not to need a mortgage), however we would have to work. My husband currently runs his own company renovating property which is probably what he would do there. Do you think there is much scope for that over there?
    Do you travel much within Canada? We've heard that so many Canadians head down to Florida during the harsh winters! Is that really the case??
    Oh dear.... I've really gone on here haven't I? Sorry, hope you're still awake!! It's lovely to have someone to ask?!!
    Thanks again Erica, you're a star!!

  10. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! And yes, a lot of Canadians go south at least once during the winter. If you're on the East coast Florida is the most popular choice, and if you're on the West it's California:) And there's always Cuba or Mexico.

    I'm not sure, but there should be property/reno opportunities in Atlantic Canada...and you're right, buying a house is much much cheaper there!

    I'd guess the weather in Newfoundland is pretty similar to England, just with lots of snow:) It doesn't get too cold, or too too hot in summer.

    I can see what you mean about being too far out west. To fly from here to the east coast is 6-8 hours so if you were heading across the ocean too, that could get crazy!

    I hoped this helped, once again feel free to ask any other questions:)


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