World Book Day


It's World Book Day today. Cool huh? Well, it is for those of us who are MAD about those darling little things that are filled with words that make beautiful stories. Whether it's for entertainment, pure escapism, a good cry, a good laugh.... books are simply the best thing since sliced bread (actually, what's so damn great about sliced bread??!). Ok, the best thing since the creation of chocolate. That's better.
I adore books. Full stop.
I adore being surrounded by them. I love the smell of books. The feel of books. The written word among them. Books, books, books. I'd work in a bookstore and be a very happy girl!
I think I was probably quite an early reader. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I remember loving to read them from a young age. And then around the age of about 11 or 12, I discovered the world of Jilly Cooper. My, did she teach me a thing or two about life. Ok, about the birds and the bees then. Her books were full of hilarity, a bit of sex and were simply unputdownable good reads. There were quite a few, small books, the titles of which were girls names. Hmmm. What were they called?? Oh yes... Imogen, Harriet, Bella, Emily, Octavia and Prudence. What lovely memories I have of sitting outside in the bright Algarve sunshine, literally devouring these books. There were others that she wrote, of course, but these were the ones than left an impression on me at that age.
There are a number of books that I read around that time, and a little later as a teenager, that left me wanting more... I just didn't want them to end. Some of these included:
Destiny by Sally Beauman
Queenie by Michael Korda
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (this one, was a bit later. In fact, it was a book I had to study for A'level English Literature and I LOVED it.)
Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews
Admittedly, there were a fair few Danielle Steel books that I read, and thoroughly enjoyed at the time. All of these books were pure escapism for me.
Then I began to enjoy a good chick lit book... anything by Wendy Holden, Jenny Colgan, Marian Keyes, Belinda Jones, Sophie Kinsella to name just a few. I loved the humour ensconced in a great tale of romance. They were books that made me giggle and occasionally made me cry (I am a big soppy softie than cries at the drop of a hat). I still love a great chick lit read but lately it is the dark and eerie paranormal (particularly for teens!) stories that take my breath away. It probably all started with the magical tale of Harry Potter which lead to Twilight. Now, I have been introduced to a series by Rachel Caine, all about vampires in a town called Morganville.
I was sucked into it after the first few pages. The writing, at times, does come across as a bit young (I must remember these books are for teens not necessarily for 35 year olds!) but I could read one of her books in one, long sitting, given half the chance. I've only read three, as the next three are sitting in my brother's house in England waiting to be posted to me! So in the meantime, I have bought Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. It's easy to read but I am finding that I am not yet connecting with the lead character. So far, it's not really doing it for me. I think this time, being a writer of this genre myself, I am perhaps over analysing the story. Note to self... STOP IT and just enjoy the read itself.
I've just ordered Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, which I'm extremely excited to read. Although I have to admit that I have a bookcase FULL of books that are waiting for me to read them. The majority of them are chick lit. I guess, they're on the backburner now I have a new love!
Before I sign off (and I do apologise for such a long post), another FANTASTIC book I have read is not actually published yet. It's on Authonomy, waiting for an agent and publisher to gobble it up (and they should as it's got bestseller written all over it). The name is Hidden by Kami K. Go check it out... you won't be disappointed!
Happy World Book Day everybody!!! xx

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  1. I (like most of us writers I imagine) share your love of books! I relax the minute I walk into a book store or library. And as for YA? Well, let's just say I'm partial to it. ;D


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