Do you feel it


These are exciting times. Do you feel it too?
Authors have so many options available to them now than ever before. When it would have taken years to publish a book, now you can do it yourself much quicker without all the heartache and rejections we all receive (let's face it.... we've all been there).
Once your book is written, edited and polished, all you have to do is to epublish it on one (or various) of the many sites available like amazon, smashwords, etc and readers can be reading it in no time. Okay, we hope they'll be reading it in no time. Provided you market it as well as you possibly can, and price it competitively, you're going to get readers and if you write well and produce great stories, you'll get fans too.
I'm still waiting for my 'editors' to finish 'editing' Raven but once they are... I'll be giving this a go myself. I've got nothing to lose. I just hope that people love my book as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Especially considering the sequel is now in the works!


  1. That's the kicker... the marketing and pricing. I'm still trying to figure out the correct combination to make sure people know my book exists. But in the end, I have to keep reminding myself... at least there are people who know my book exists, they enjoyed reading it, and they're looking forward to my next one.

    My one piece of advice is try not to get caught up in the numbers game. It makes writing your next book absolutely miserable!

  2. I'm excited that my book will be out there, but I'm scared that readers might not like it. I'm close to hyperventilating a little over the whole indie-publishing process!

  3. It is a new era of opportunity. Just think of all the great books that never made it because they were just turned down by a busy agent, or accidentally lost, and the author became discouraged and quit. Not anymore!


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