Guest blogging... it's all new to me!


Since I discovered social networking (twitter, blogging, facebook, myspace, etc) I have 'met' so many interesting and wonderful people online. The majority of them are either fellow writers or book reviewers / bloggers and I have been blown away by the kindness of just about all of them. As my book approaches completion, I have made even more of an effort to make myself known in the world of books... commenting on other people's posts that I have found interesting, tweeting about other author's books, retweeting great tweets by anybody associated to the book world and so on. I have also become a little more bold and begun to ask the question... may I guest blog for you? In fact this only happened after the lovely sweetheart that is author Pauline Barclay invited me to write for her (you can read that post here paulinebarclay). A few days ago I appeared on another great author's site, Nicole Ireland, where I talk a little about epublishing. (To read that post, please visit nicoleireland).
I know that's only two but it's exciting nonetheless! Hopefully you will see my posts all over the place in the not too distant future... watch this space!
But this has also led me to create a special author spotlight page on my own website (suzyturner) for other authors. Currently, it is a blank page as everyone I have approached wants to wait until May when their next book is out! It all seems to be happening then! However, if you would like to feature, please leave me a comment below, including your email address, and I will get back to you. The features will appear on my website as well as on this blog and they will be tweeted about, facebooked, myspaced, etc, etc!!)
In the meantime, why not explore both Pauline Barclay's and Nicole Ireland's websites where you can learn all about their own books.


  1. Hey, Suzy! I'm actually almost done my post for you. I'm hoping to finish it up today...if my kids cooperate.

    And thank you for stopping by my site. You're welcome there anytime.

  2. Hi Suzy,

    I'm a book review blogger. I would welcome a guest review from you on any book of your choosing, including your own. Love your blog.


  3. That's great Nicole! Just as soon as your are able.... you will probably be the first to feature! Sorry I haven't finished your book yet but I have trouble reading on the computer. Apparently, according to hubby, my kindle is coming very soon!!
    Hi Alan. Thank you for the kind offer, I'm coming to see your site now!!
    Have a great Easter, both of you!!

  4. Hi Suzy, I would love to be your guest!

  5. I'd love to! Check out my blog at:

    You can contact me at bfrischcpc (at)

  6. This sounds like a GREAT opportunity and I'd love to participate! You can check out my blog to see if it's a good fit @

    Yours in YA,

    Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don't Cry

  7. I'd be honored. I have two blogs:

    Fiction --
    Science --

    I write paranormal fiction -- I've got several finished novels & am happy to chat with you & see if you are interested in featuring me. My email is



  8. I would love to be a guest author - I blog more frequently when my girls are at school about all manner of things including my latest contemporary romance novels. Website is

    Mandy xx

  9. I'm away to Nicole's web now....see you there... :) x

  10. Hi guys! Thanks for much for commenting. I've either sent emails to you where possible, or I've commenting on your own blogs to let you know what to do!
    I look forward to featuring you all on my site soon.


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