Nearly there!


So, I've just received the first ten pages of my book back from one of my editors. Good news, not only is she really enjoying it, she also loves my writing style! Phew.
I say one of my 'editors' as Raven is currently being read by four different people. Granted, they are four good friends, but three of them just happen to be in the publishing industry. I'm a lucky gal to be able to count on their expertise in my time of need. Not only are they pals, but they're honest pals and I know if they think it's not good, they will tell me it's not good - at the same time they'll suggest ways in which I can improve things.
I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such great professionals and I can't wait to receive the rest of the comments.
In the meantime, I'm working on the sequel to Raven, December Moon. It's great fun to create and I can't wait to get them both up on amazon!


  1. Glad to hear it is going so well...looking forward to more update! x

  2. I haven't forgotten you Pauline! I will send you the final image when it's done! Hope all is well with you x

  3. Hi,

    Wow! Great news: keep up the good work, and good luck! ;)



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