Author spotlight and interview plans


Up until now I've been posting an Author Spotlight once a week but after giving it some thought I figured, 'why wait a whole week until the next one? Why not post more during the week to help these mighty fine authors get a bit more exposure?' So, you'll be seeing a few more of these in the future. Not only will they appear on the main body of my blog, but I will then copy them to my Author Spotlight page. As usual, they will also appear on my website ( Every little helps!
I've also decided to begin a special author interview. I haven't chosen my questions just yet but I will pose the same questions to each author that features on my blog.
As I'm in the middle of writing December Moon: Part Two of The Raven Saga, the interviews probably won't start for a while though!
Speaking of December Moon. The write is going well. My imagination has been going into overdrive and the words have been bursting out of me at full flow. Although my eyes are getting more and more sore by the day, I'm confident I'll meet my deadline!
If you're an author and would like to feature on my blog and website, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm very friendly so feel free to say hello  :  )

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