Interviewed by the Algarve Resident


I'm delighted... last Friday I was interviewed by journalist Daisy Sampson, at the local weekly newspaper, The Algarve Resident, and I have just seen the result.
It's a brilliant interview by Daisy (if I don't say so myself!) and I'm over the moon! Can you tell?
The newspaper frequently puts some of their stories online and again I'm delighted to find the interview up there for the whole world to see. Have a look...

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  1. Congrats! Hope nothing but good from now on. Have a super week--

  2. Thank you Julee!!
    Have a lovely weekend too!

  3. A good brief review on your book, and some helpful comments on your part.

  4. Hey, well done Suzy. It's great to have the local press on your side.

    Stay well and keep writing!


  5. Thanks Stephen and Darrell! It's also great to know that others are still reading my blog too!
    Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


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