Constructive criticism


I've just received a really lengthy critique from a fellow writer, a woman I'd originally asked for a review....
"Suzy, I really like the premise of your book. The whole changeling fantasy is super, and I love how you set Lilly in London without a clue and put so much suspense in her finding out her heritage........ You have all the basics; good characters, nice flow, a super plot, and I love your use of dream sequences. I feel like you have the makings of an excellent piece of literature. However, I’m going to give you my honest opinion here: it needs some more sweat and tears............"
She goes on (in-depth) to make some excellent points, before concluding:
"In conclusion, I’ve decided to simply offer you this critique instead of publishing a review. Criticism is hard enough to take without broadcasting it. But don’t let me get you down. Your ideas are fabulous! But I think your book simply needs more time. So keep working! Keep writing!"
Clearly, I'm going to try and improve the story where possible and upload the new and improved version to amazon, smashwords, etc, but I was just wondering if you (fellow writers) continue to try and improve the work you've already published (ebooks, that is)? I'd love to hear your opinions.


  1. Hello Suzy, you are a brave lady to add this to your post and you deserve to succeed and be a very good writer. To your question, no I have not as yet changed my first two books, but for my third, I did have a professional editor. Blood, sweat and tears, and I mean lots of tears flowed, my editor will confirm this! But I knew she was right all the time and yes, I might revist my other two books, but only with my editor. Good luck dear one, because you deserve it. Big hugs xxx

  2. Making corrections to an already published ebook makes sense to me. There's no reprinting cost, uploading it again isn't a big deal, and if a revision improves it then why not? I say, go for it.

  3. ...accepting criticism is one of the most difficult challenges we face, but must learn to cope with in order to succeed. What you're doing is not only courageous, but a good decision.

    Corrections make us better. Criticism makes us stronger :)

    Well done, Suzy


  4. Guys... thank you so much. I feel better after reading your comments. You're all FAB!!

  5. Suzy,
    It takes a lot to be able to look at a bad critique with positivity. I commend the other writer for the fact that she was nice enough to be honest and privately msg you instead of posting. Don't let this critique get you down, instead, learn from it and move forward.
    I originally uploaded a version only to later realize after aa politely worded review (only 2 stars) and had to make some changes and reupload. The reviewer didn't have to give helpful criticism, she simply could have given me the two stars and left me walking in the dark. It is from these reviews that we learn and grown to become better writers. Keep your head up.

  6. Thank you, Autumn!
    I am just about to sit down and start doing the edits... wish me luck!

  7. I've made a couple of changes in an already-published book, where I found a misspelling that sneaked past both me and the copyeditor the first time. Those kinds of things drive me crazy.

    On the other hand, there's a neverending hole I could fall in by going back and saying, "Hmm, this word choice could be better," and I feel it's often better to work on new things than continue to polish and re-polish the old after they've been through revision and a good editor.


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