Ian Harding... the perfect Sammy Morton!


I'm sitting here, enjoying a glass of white wine watching Pretty Little Liars (season 1) and it suddenly hit me. Mr Fitz would make the most perfect Sammy Morton!
In my original post about who I would cast in Raven: The Movie, I cast Jensen Ackles but that was more because he's just so damn sexy (sorry, Jensen.... I'll write a new character for you!). When actually, Mr Fitz is just perfect! Of course, his real name is not Mr Fitz so I've just googled him and discovered his real name is Ian Harding and he is, in fact, German.
After I'd made my casting discovery, I continued to watch and noticed something else. In this particular scene he's wearing a T-shirt with wings on it! OMG it's like a sign, or something! (You need to read Raven to understand!!)
Here he is though... my Sammy Morton. Ian Harding (not the best picture but you get the idea!):

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