Guest post by Sue Warhaftig & Beverly Butler


Sue Warhaftig (left) and Beverly Butler
Thank you Suzy for asking me to be a guest blogger for your website. You have asked me to write about the “inspiration” behind Meant To Be.
Gigantic levels of inspiration come from my friends and family. I am blessed to be surrounded by creative, interesting people, who gain enjoyment and pleasure from developing an idea, piece of art or a story for others to enjoy.
Mom is a painter. All my life she has made art for herself and others. I noticed that she doesn’t talk about creating…she just does it any moment that she can. I’m inspired by the happiness that she experiences from her art.
My sister is an artist. Many hours of the day she’s a lawyer. But, along the way she found a passion in glass bead making and the teaching of this art. After several classes and the addition of jewelry making equipment, her creativity started to flow and she could not be stopped. She is a well-respected teacher and artist, and has recently finished her 2nd book on glass bead making. I’m inspired by the love and appreciation her students have for her. She enriches their lives.
Beverly, my co writer of Meant To Be woke up one day and wrote a play (OK, maybe it was longer than a day). It was a fantastic story and became a fabulous performance! She brought pleasure to the audiences that came to witness her tale. From concept to stage performance, she just executed the project. I’m inspired by her fearless action of doing something because it was there to attempt. .
These types of people, who aren’t afraid of exploring, reaching, growing, and then jumping into a project to do something that speaks to them, inspired me to co-write Meant To Be. I had a story to tell, it swirled around my head until I was empowered to put it down on paper. I want to inspire others that they too can complete a project that they set out to finish.
Like Judith (the main character in our story) coming of middle-age, these examples should teach you what is Meant To Be.
What inspires you?
Sue Warhaftig & Beverly Butler

Its a pleasure to have you both here on the blog, Sue & Beverly!
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  1. Sounds fantastic, and I LOVE the cover illustration.

  2. Hi Carole!
    It is a fabulous book, I highly recommend it. And I agree about the cover illustration too. Simple, yet very striking!
    Best wishes


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