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Today’s story is slightly different. Because I grew up in a small town in Lancashire and because Suzy is from Yorkshire, I thought it would be a good little tale to talk about the town I grew up in. For those that don’t know, there is a long standing rivalry between the two counties that stretches back hundreds of years.
Lancashire is represented by the red rose and had famous cities such as Manchester and Liverpool within its domain whereas Yorkshire’s symbol was the white rose, with well known cities such as Leeds and York.
Now I grew up in a small industrial cotton mill town tight on the border of the two counties. Thankfully I lived on the right side of the border in Lancashire, but I don’t want to start another war, so I will keep the jokes to a minimum.
Back then people had high moral standards, allegedly. It was considered a sin to live together without being married. So much so, if you worked for the cotton industry in Yorkshire and was found out to be living in sin, you would be kicked out of work. And not only that, you would be black listed from working in any other mill within the Yorkshire Ridings.
Their only chance to make a living would be to travel outside of the jurisdiction. It became known as ‘living over the brush.’ A town just across the border where they were free to live their lives as they please – and that place was Barnoldswick – the town I grew up in as a boy many years later.
I hope you liked stepping back in time on our little history lesson, well that is history as I remember being told. Perhaps my memory is not what it used to be.
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  1. I had no idea there was a rivalry between the red rose and white rose counties. Thanks for the history lesson!

    I hope you are enjoying #100blogfest, Suzy. I sure am! You can follow me back and read my #100blogfest post at

  2. Martin, this is getting spooky: many of the events you describe apply to me, and I put down to us probably being of a similar age. Now you say you were born in Barnoldswick. I lived and worked in Earby, just across the border (in God's own country, Yorkshire, of course), for quite a few years. Is there some strange parallelism going on here?

  3. Great to meet you, Stuart... and thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Rachel... thanks for coming by too... I'm coming over to your blog now...


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