Music Spotlight: Manchester-based band Bad Action


I'm thrilled to have The Clown from Bad Action with me today. Read on to find out more about this unique band with a fantastic sound all of their own...

Tell me a little bit about Bad Action / The Clown character
Bad Action was formed last Year when The Inspector (Bass Player), The Coin Master (the Guitarist) and I (The Clown) met in a pub. We knew each other but had been out of touch, but due to the wonders of Facebook, I found the Bass Player and added him as a friend. From our initial meetings in the pub we recruited a Drummer and a guitar keyboard player. I’m the Singer of the Band.

When did the band form?
The band formed March 2010 from probably the 2nd or 3rd meeting with The Inspector and Coin Master

Where are the band members from?
All the members of the band are from Manchester in the UK and we are all pretty much local.

Who writes the music and lyrics?

The music and writing duties are shared between the band but the idea for the concept of our Album The Monster from the ID was mine and the ideas developed around that was something we were passionate about from the very start.
The Monster from the ID is about an unhappy guy persecuted by his girlfriend to the point where he becomes so mad that he decides to take her life! This eventually sends his life spiralling out of control. There are other aspects to the record, Johnny the character I play has been having a lot of nightmares about a Demon and his Granddad who appears to him dressed in his 1st World War Uniform. His GF is just terrible with him, and even though he keeps trying to get rid of her, she always somehow gets back in to his life. The Album is Johnny’s journey from dreamer to eventually becoming the Clown character and his journey to becoming a serial killer. 
Like Dexter though, he is killing the bad guys and not just anyone, but that will change on the next record as he is pursued by the police guy hunting him. There are a lot of supernatural elements we will bring in to the story later that we only hint at in the first Album. There’s a lot of characterisation and dialogue on the album as well as various sound effects going on. The first record has been a massive learning curve for us and we like to think of it as an audio movie driven by rock music. It’s not a musical though, but it would be cool to turn it in to one!

Where do you perform?
We have spent 12 months recording this record and there are very few songs we could play live at the moment as a 5 piece group. The Album was not what we expected to make! Our plan is to promote, then do some selected gigs early next year. What we want to do is play the Album as a single piece.

Who, or what, is your inspiration?
My inspiration is bands like Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper but I also like Hall and Oates and even pop artists, my tastes are varied. Other members of the band like Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Rob Zombie etc but we are pretty much well inspired by horror and scifi. We want our record to have almost a book type narrative. I love Anne Rice and the Dexter books by Jeff Linsay and other authors like Rick Matherson and Ian Fleming. The Clown in our music when he is possessed by the Monster from the ID will have uncanny abilities in the next record. We also have other characters we want to introduce and expand the story!

Favourite song that you've produced?
Hard to say what’s our favourite, although mine is probably You Don’t Know Me which is a love song sung from a stalkers point of view. I’m very proud of all the music we have written together so its hard to single out. The title track The Monster from the ID is a close 2nd to me. I think there’s a lot of originality in this Album and the follow up already has a lot of songs and the character development already done

Favourite band moment?
For me so far it’s the people who have been freaked out by It’s a Wonderful Night For a Murder and of course the Clown picture, but just making this record, although tough, it has been one of the best experiences in my life

Band's ambitions?
To play this album live and of course to sell millions of copies ha ha

If you could perform with absolutely anybody, who would it be and why?
I would like to perform in the Temptations of all bands ha ha and just be one of the guys doing that deep voice in the songs and having all the moves!

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Would luv to perform in Hong Kong. I love that city and would love to live there

Most embarrassing moment as a band (or individual if it's easier to recall!)
We haven’t had any embarrassing moments yet but I’m sure they will be and you will be the first one to be know about it!

Who is your favourite musician of all time?
Todd Rundgren because he can sing and play anything. Here’s a true story on “Bat out of hell” Jim Stienman said to Todd. “Todd I would really like a motorbike on this record, can we go and record one?” Todd said “no need to do that Jim I will play it on my Guitar and what kind of Motorbike sound would you like?” Steinman said “A Harley” so Todd recorded a Harley revving up on his guitar and that’s the motorbike you hear on “Bat out of hell” I never knew that until this year!

What is your favourite kind of music to listen to?
Rock Music first but anything really. I like a good mix of music from classical, pop to metal & insane

Your favourite kind of music to perform?
Rock Music

Links to your sites, etc:!/badaction!/BadActionmusic

This has been a fantastic interview.... thank you so much for taking the time out to come and talk to me! By the way, I love the song A Wonderful Night for a Murder - although the lyrics freak me out! Good luck, guys... I'm sure it won't be long until everybody knows your name: Bad Action!


  1. Great interview clown!!! can't wait to buy the album and love the music

  2. Thanks for checking out Bad Action, Carissa! They really are an awesome band!


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