Q&A with author Carrie Duffy


Join me in welcoming the lovely author and (another!) fellow Yorkshire lass, Carrie Duffy.

Name one book that made you think 'wow'? Why did it have such an effect on you?
Career Girls by Louise Bagshawe. It was the first bonkbuster I’d ever read. Until then, I’d mainly read teen fiction and the classics, but this was a revelation – exciting, raunchy and glamorous – and it made me want to write one of my own.

Who is your favourite author and why?
George Orwell. His writing is disarmingly straight-forward, yet incredibly powerful and moving. He expresses his ideas so perfectly in clear, direct language.

Name one of your all-time favourite book covers?
Ooh, I’ve never heard that question before. Um... *pause to go and scour bookshelves* I think that for bonkbusters, the covers have to be like glossy magazine ads – beautiful, aspirational, and you need to believe some of the glamour will rub off on you. Lesley Lokko has some gorgeous, escapist covers – Sundowners, and One Secret Summer.

If you could have a dinner party with any authors from any time in history, who would you choose and why?
George Orwell, obviously. I’m sure Jackie Collins has some amazing stories. Emily Bronte, so we could chat about Yorkshire. JK Rowling would bring a nice bottle of wine. And Oscar Wilde for pure entertainment.

Who, or what, inspires you?
All sorts of things, every day – magazines, films, TV programmes, people, weather, locations...

Where is your favourite place to write?
At home. I’m not really a cafe writer, although I’ll sometimes go when I need a change of scenery or to be away from the distractions of the internet. At home, I switch between the sofa and the dining table, but I dream of one day having an enormous study where the walls are lined with books.

What is your favourite film that was based on a book?
Gone with the Wind! It’s my absolute favourite film, and I’ve read the book twice too. The book is even longer, if you can believe it, and there’s an awful lot that gets cut out in the film.

What is your book about?
Idol is a fun, glamorous and raunchy read, following international pop star Jenna Jonsson, and struggling dancer Sadie Laine. They were childhood rivals, and now their lives are about to collide once again in Las Vegas.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the main characters?

Jenna is the archetypal stunning, blonde pop star, so Rosie Huntington-Whiteley completely looks the part.
Sadie is a gorgeous, sexy brunette – Gemma Arterton would be perfect.
For the guys, I’d like Paul Walker as Zac, the smouldering rock star, and Bradley Cooper could play Nick, the charming, chiselled womaniser.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.
I like to snack on tins of mushy peas.

Tell us something interesting about the area where you live.
I’m not sure about where I live now, but where I grew up (in Selby, North Yorkshire) the design in Selby Abbey’s stained glass window is supposed to have been an inspiration for the US flag, as George Washington’s ancestors were from the area, and their stars and stripes shield features in the window.

Winter or summer? Summer
Ebook or paperback? Paperback... although I’m very hesitantly thinking about buying a Kindle.
Favourite food? Bread. Or Cheese. Or any combination of the two.
Sporty or couch potato? Natural couch potato who forces herself to be sporty.
Cook or be cooked for? Be cooked for. I’m not a good cook.
Link to your website: www.carrieduffy.com

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