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A while ago, I sat down and spent an entire morning playing on Google looking at possible cast members for Raven. I put the list up on my blog and got lots of positive comments. But I've since published December Moon, which has a few more characters! So it's time to update my ideal cast list. The newer actors are at the top of list... What do you think?

Ruby Madison, played by Susan Sullivan
The moment Ruby stepped onto the page, I knew exactly who would play her. It just had to be Susan Sullivan, currently known for her role as Richard Castle's mother in Castle. She IS Ruby Madison!

Carmelo, played by Ben Barnes
Carmelo is a vampire, but not your ordinary vampire. He's really quite charming... a real gentleman and I think Ben Barnes looks perfect for the role.

Tabitha, played by Haydn Panetierre
Tabitha is a feisty young woman who just happens to have a certain affinity with cats (you'll have to read the book to understand what I mean!). Haydn looks simply perfect... she's the right build and she just looks right, you know? Tabitha is also madly in love with a werewolf, Zoltan...

Zoltan, played by Trevor Donovan
Need I say more?

Moira, played by Emily Deschanel
Give Emily red hair and she's just perfect as Ruby's daughter and December's mother. Can ya see it?!

Duran, played by Alex Pettyfer
What do you reckon? Can you imagine Alex as the incredibly handsome, but most evil vampire, Olivier Duran? I sure can!

Lilly Taylor, played by Georgie Henley 
You'll recognise Georgie from the Narnia films. In my opinion, she made those films amazing. She was the most adorable little girl. She's grown up a bit since then, of course! But she would be perfect as Lilly with her beautiful eyes and British accent.

December Moon played by Chloe Moretz
I don't know if you've seen the vampire flick Let Me In? It's scary, creepy and a bit disturbing... well, I thought it was, anyway! Chloe played the scary blood sucking vamp girl amazingly well. December is nothing like that but I just thought Chloe looks the part. She has that quirkiness that is completely December. Photo: Angela George, Flickr

Jo played by Alexandra Daddario
Jo is absolutely beautiful, but doesn't really know it. Alexandra has the most stunning huge eyes that are just perfect for Jo. Perfect. You may recognise her from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!

Oliver played by Colby Paul
Oliver is Lilly's love interest and is the quintessential handsome boy next door. Need I say more? I mean, just look at the picture! Colby has had small roles in lots of TV shows like Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Ghost Whisperer, etc.

Ben played by Charlie Cox
Ben is Oliver's brother. Okay, so they don't really look alike but then I don't look much like my brother or my sister! I first saw Charlie in Stardust and I just thought he was adorable. Ben is a veterinarian who cares for everyone and so he needs to be played by someone that has that charisma. Charlie easily has that.

Gabriel played by Gabriel Byrne
I've always loved Gabriel Byrne. I had a huge crush on him when we were both younger. Okay, maybe I still do, a bit. He is rather yummy though isn't he? Gabriel is Lilly's grandfather. Yes, he's native Canadian which doesn't quite fit Byrne's natural Irish looks but hey, he's an actor and he's incredibly versatile. I'm sure he could pull it off!

Rose played by Sally Fields
Although Rose is an older lady, she is one of the most beautiful ladies in Powell River. Sally fits the bill, easily. Plus, she needs to bear a slight resemblance to a certain other character and she does! I believe that Sally is one of the classiest and most amazing actresses of our time, which also helps.

Vivian played by Charlize Theron
Vivian is evil personified. But... she is one of the most beautiful creatures you'll ever see. Dye Charlize's hair red et voila! Photo Peadar O Sullivan

Serena played by Famke Janssen
Although Serena's actual role is a small one, it is incredibly important. I need someone with strong, stunning features, dark hair and olive skin. Famke is perfect. As soon as I saw a picture of her I just thought of Serena.

Neleh played by Michelle Ryan
Made famous in the UK for her role in Eastenders, Michelle went on to have a go at playing the Bionic Woman. I've never seen it myself so can't comment, but I was always impressed by her soap opera acting. Neleh's role, again, is a small one, but crucial. Neleh is Lilly's sister and don't you think these two could pass for sisters? Spooky eh?

Sammy Morton played by Jensen Ackles
Sammy is Neleh's love interest and is an important part of the whole story. Anyone who has seen Supernatural knows he's AWESOME and oh, so HANDSOME. He's perfect to play Sammy Morton!

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  1. That's a great looking cast you got there!

  2. Excellent casting, Suzy! And bless you for the pic of Trevor Donovan...yum! :-)

  3. Great cast Suzy! Chloe Moretz is sure going to be busy starring in December Moon & in 13 on Halloween! hee-hee. I love it. My daughter went to school in Manhattan and had a job at a restaurant where she waited on Gabriel Byrne a lot. She said his eyes are just so amazing. Piercing. And he was always very nice. Can you imagine? What a talented actor!

  4. Wow! That's a huge cast with a lot of people I love in it. I have to admit, that I also had a huge crush on Gabriel Byrne at one time. I think it was right after Little Women came out... that lucky Jo March. ;)

  5. Somehow, I missed this last week. Great cast.

  6. Thanks guys! Sorry for only just reading your comments but I only just got back from my hols! I'm glad you liked my choice, Gabriel Byrne is dreamy isn't he? I loved him in Little Women, too, Dani. Laura, your daughter was so lucky!! I'm very envious!
    And Jamie... that is one AWESOMELY SEXY pic of Trevor isn't it?!!! lol


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