YA Indie Carnival: To trailer or not to trailer


I'm a HUGE fan of the book trailer. In fact I'm so obsessed with them that last year I created two separate sites for my two loves: YA and Chick Lit. Both sites are exclusively for the promotion of book trailers. The Chick Lit Trailer Park isn't quite so popular as the YA Trailer Park but both have some fabulous trailers on them, and more and more go up regularly. Have a look for yourself:
YA Trailer Park
Chick Lit Trailer Park
So why do I love book trailers so much? Because they help to convey the feel of the book. The essence that doesn't usually come across in a simple description or the blurb that you find on the back of a book (or on screen). You can be so much more creative visually, which is so important for those that have difficulty to visualise what a book is all about (if that makes sense!?).
You can also use music to create an atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere you hope will come across to your readers as they begin to read.
Check out the book trailers I created for my first two books, Raven and December Moon. I think I managed to create a certain 'something' for both of them.... what do you think?

If you have either a Chick Lit (it can be any genre as long as its aimed at female readers), or a YA book trailer and you'd like to submit them to either (or both) of the sites, just follow the instructions on the sites.

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  1. I love your post! And I love your YA trailer park site. I'm over there all the time checking out the videos. I agree, a video can give you a feel for a book that nothing else can!


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