I'm working on a movie!!


I'm currently working on something super exciting... something I've dreamed about doing since I was a kid... something awesome.... yep, I'm about to start working behind the scenes on an amazing movie. Yes, that's right... a movie!
The Right Juice is an independent, heartwarming movie set in the Algarve, where I have lived for the past 26 years. It's a wonderful story with some wonderful characters.  I finally met the cast and crew yesterday and I can honestly say that they are all totally awesome. Admittedly I was pretty nervous considering this is my first time working on a movie set (I have been an extra on a couple of commercials but that's hardly the same!) but I needn't have been. I was really made to feel like one of the team. Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you what I'll be doing... I've been taken on board as the Script Supervisor so I'm responsible for continuity and taking tonnes of notes about every single scene as well as various other stuff.
Needless to say, I'm going to be super busy over the next seven weeks so I will very have little time to post so please bear with me. Don't lose interest. I will be back! And if I do get the chance to post on my days off (when I'm not sleeping!), I certainly will!
I'd you'd like more information about The Right Juice, check out their website http://therightjuice.net
As this is an independent production, more finance is needed, so if you'd like to donate to this AWESOME project, check out the website and please give what you can (even five dollars/pounds/euros will make a difference!). You can also follow the movie on facebook, http://facebook.com/therightjuice


  1. ...that would be waaaay more fun than my day job ;)

    Congrats and good luck!


  2. Lots of luck Suzy. I am seriously impressed. This is a once in a lifetime chance for you - Good luck. :)

  3. Thank you, Elliott and Jack!
    You're right, Jack, about it being once in a lifetime chance! I am so grateful to the filmmakers for including me... I'm so excited!!

  4. Wow Suzy this sounds really exciting and a wonderful opportunity. Store all the experiences away for your writing and please share some of them with us here too!

  5. I am so excited for you Suzy! I can't wait to hear all about it! We could NEVER forget you my dear! We will wait patiently while you fullfill a life long dream! Will this movie be available in the states by chance?


  6. Congrats Suzy! What a wonderful experience:) So happy for you!!!

  7. Hi.... I have a brief break during shooting so I thought I'd check my blog and I saw all these lovely comments from you guys! I'm having a wonderful time but the hours are so long.... it's exhausting! Mindy, the movie is planned to have an international theatrical release so hopefully it will show in cinemas in the States too.
    Right.... off now to get myself sorted for another day's filming. This is the life!!


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