YA Indie Carnival: Hunger Games


Hey and welcome to this week's Carnival! Today we're talking about HUNGER GAMES: DISTRICT INDIE -- characters from books that would be the ultimate competitors in the HUNGER GAMES and why.
There are two particular characters from The Raven Saga who would kick butt in the Hunger Games... and they just happen to be totally in love with each other: Tabitha and Zoltan. Tabitha is a changeling and Zoltan is a werewolf. Both are hard ass but adorable. They would so easily defend each other to the death (!).
Both of them are always on the look out for a fight (but not in a bad way, of course), they just want to rid the world of all the bad that's out there, if you know what I mean! 
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  1. Very cool. I think a changling and a werewolf would be amazing in the arena :)


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