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When I first read this week's theme, I thought, hmmm? fiction fireworks? What have I written about fireworks? What have I read about fireworks? But then my brain finally kicked into gear and I realised it's not necessarily in the literal sense. Scenes with such awesomeness that it sets fireworks off in your head... how about that?
Mother-in-law's fireworks, UK 2004
Well, that's happened to me a few times but I have a little secret to tell you....
I've just started a new YA series and I've got these massive fire crackers going off in my head, like all the time. I'm so super excited that I wanna shout about it! I even read the first few chapters aloud to my husband and I've never done that before (my husband is not interested in books, he never has been... he's more into his motorbikes than anything else). But his response was awesome... he loved it! I doubt he'll ever read the books himself (he says he's waiting for the movie version, bless) but I think he just might get me to read them to him!
So anyway, back to the series... I'm so excited I'm typing so fast right now, he he he. There are sparks going around my head. WEHAY!! Calma, calma... anyway, the series is about the Morgan Sisters who live on a small island just off the coast of England (Andilyse Island... but don't bother googling it as it doesn't exist in real life). They have all kind of adventures both on the island, in London and beyond. I'm not able to give any further details just yet but needless to say I'm loving creating it!
I was working on a chick lit book but the Morgan Sisters just wouldn't leave me alone so I had to forget about the other one for a while so I could concentrate all my efforts on them. I hope to have the first book out well before Christmas, but I'll keep you posted!
I've got a Pinterest Mood Board dedicated to the Morgan Sisters, if you'd like to check it out:

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