#YAIndieCarnival: A tribute to Dads


This week to celebrate Father's Day, we're dedicating our blogs to our favourite YA dads and/or suggesting great Father's Day reads.
I'm the one in the middle!
My Dad and I have always shared a love of reading... although our genres tend to be quite different as he loves reading about war and I really don't! However, quite a few years ago, he recommended a book by Ken Follett. It was called Pillars of the Earth and it was completely different from anything I'd ever read. It was probably one of the most incredible books I've ever read. It was my first foray into historical drama and I loved it. It really is the perfect Father's Day read.
Since then, we have swapped reads a couple of times (another one which was excellent was Labyrinthe by Kate Mosse). It's so wonderful to share a love of reading with my dad (we don't have much else in common!) although he's yet to read any of my books... because I'm worried he'll hate them as YA fantasy is totally NOT his cup of tea!
On a separate note, my trilogy, The Raven Saga, is all about Lilly's search for her father who disappeared at the very beginning of the first book. Her sadness threads through the books as she does everything possible to track him down, with the help of her best friend, December.

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  1. Such a gorgeous photo! I love it :)

    Pillars of the Earth is an amazing book. So glad you could share that with your Dad.

    Great post :)


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