#YAIndieCarnival: I'm thankful for you


Hubby and me. A perfect fit :)
This week we're giving thanks and I have much to be thankful for. A hugely supportive husband without whom I wouldn't be able to do what I love: write full time. He is a wonderful man who can do just about anything! The only thing that he isn't terribly good at is the one thing that I am good at it and that's writing! Clearly, we're a perfect fit :)
But I'm not just thankful for him, I'm thankful for you too. You guys and gals who are always there when I need you, when I'm trying to write and perhaps feeling down, I know I can turn to you and someone will be there to give me the encouragement I need. You, my social networking buddies, my blog readers, my author pals... everyone I've met online... you are a totally awesome bunch and I am so incredibly grateful to you. So, THANK YOU!
I've had a wonderful year - I've published two more books (The Lost Soul, Book #3 in The Raven Saga and The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw, Book #1 in The Morgan Sisters series) and received such encouragement and positivity from my readers that I really do feel thankful for so much. I'm incredibly grateful to all those AWESOME people that have bought my books over the past couple of years and to those that have become fans. I love hearing from you and hope that you will continue to enjoy my work over the coming years. 
Happy Thanksgiving EVERYBODY!!
For more messages of thanks, visit my awesome fellow carnis below...

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  1. Lovely post, Suzy. I love being able to show our appreciation to the fans. They are such a vital element to our writing and you have said it beautifully.

    Gorgeous pic of you a hubby too :)


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