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So it's that time of the month again. No, not that time (!), it's time for the Indie Life blog hop where us indies who have joined up talk about anything related to the indie writing life. I've been writing and self publishing for two years now and I must say, I'm loving every second. Okay, maybe not every second, but pretty close to that. The editing process can be a pain in the ass sometimes because its relentless having to read through the manuscript so. many. times. Yeah, it gets boring. But it's all worth it when the reviews start coming in along with the fan mail (yes, I do get fan mail... how cool is that?!).
I'm in the middle of writing my sixth book at the moment so shortly I'll be planning the cover. That's one of my  favourite bits about the whole indie author shebang. I love coming up with ideas of what I'd like to have on the cover and then relaying that to my cover designer (in this instance, it's the awesome Ravven) and waiting to see her interpretation. Here's what's she's done so far:

The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw
I explained to Ravven that I wanted two girls, one with pale skin and dark hair and the other with dark skin and afro-like hair. Ideally, they should be on or near a beach. I also told her the ins and outs of the story and asked if she could do something with wavy lines and a nice font (I know, I know, I'm pretty useless at explaining!). It was also important that the font used / series title would follow through to all the Morgan Sisters novels Anyway, she got to work straight away, coming up with a few different options. This was my favourite. She did a few tweaks and then it was done. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Daisy Madigan's Paradise
The second book (a novella) was Daisy Madigan's Paradise and again, I told her a little about the story and that I wanted a girl with reddish / orange curly hair and that she should be in a cemetery / on or near a gravestone. This was the result. I instantly fell in love with it. Ravven excelled here, didn't she? I'm constantly getting people asking me who did my covers.
The Raven Saga
All my other book covers were created by the lovely Emma Michaels, who offered to create a whole new look for me (I'd originally created the covers myself and they were, let's say, very boring). She blew me away with the results and people often ask me about them too! Here they are:
If you click on the images, you'll be taken to their page on Amazon, if you'd like to learn more about them! Oh and remember both Raven and Daisy Madigan's Paradise are FREE!
Have an awesome month! :D


  1. Love your covers! You know how to pick them. :)

  2. Yes, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw cover is lovely! Congratulations on two years of indie publishing, that is awesome!

  3. Thanks girls! Its so nice to get your support :D

  4. Picked up Daisy Madigan's Paradise! If it turns out as epic as I think it will I might have to explode my budget to get the rest of your books.

    Your covers are gorgeous. Cover design is definitely my favorite part of being indie because I get to look at pretty pictures. The problem is I tend to get carried away and forget to get around to that whole writing the book to go with the cover thing.

  5. Jennifer, you are too kind! :D
    When I wrote Daisy Madigan's Paradise, I had a strong image of what Daisy looked like... imagine my excitement when Ravven found an image that looked exactly like her!


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