#AtoZChallenge: G is for Gorgeous


G is  Gorgeous
It's one of my favourites words. Admittedly, I do use it a lot but when you see something that is so well... gorgeous, what can you say?
Here are a few things that are quite simply... gorgeous...
OMG!! Hades Amina shoes... ggggggorgeous!
Poison Rose T-shirt from http://www.the-black-angel.com Gorgeous!
Cosmo King Side Bed from Aston Furniture. Talk about gorgeous!
Simply gorgeous chairs from http://www.kijkbijfrancine.nl/
My book cover designed by Ravven. Gorgeous!
My husband!! The most gorgeous guy I'll ever meet!
Don't forget to download Raven FREE right here, and Daisy Madigan's Paradise, also FREE right here.


  1. LOVE those shoes. And that shirt. And I think it's AWESOME that your hubby got the top spot, too!

  2. The cover of your novella is GORGEOUS! And I just downloaded it. Thanks!

  3. He he he... I figured those shoes would get some comments! Thanks for stopping by Michael and Aimee!
    And Karen... thanks for downloading Daisy Madigan's Paradise. I hope you enjoy it :D


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