#AtoZChallenge: O is for Organ Donation


I feel very strongly about this. I want my organs to be donated in the event of my death. I want to help someone in need, someone who may die without my help. Which is why, as soon as I return to England, I'll be adding my name to the National Organ Donor Registry. More than 10,000 people in the UK currently need a transplant. Of these, 1000 each year – that's three a day - will die waiting as there are not enough organs available. How sad is that? I imagine in the US, that number is a heck of a lot higher. What do you think of organ donation? Are you up for it? If so, then please register on your national registry. You might just save a life.
I recently came across this video, which particularly moved me as this woman is in need of a donation:

Check out these websites for more information:

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  1. I do agree with it in one sense but after the whole Organ Retention Scandal and being involved in that "parts" of my son that I miscarried at 22.5 weeks into my pregnancy, my view became kind of tainted and now I don't truly know how I feel. I did fight and eventually get the "parts" of my son back but then found out the "memorial garden for babies" I had been told he would be put in sadly did not exist. So I sort of hold the opinion of distrust around the whole area of Organ donation.

  2. Being an organ donor is important to me, too. We never want to think about the worst happening to us, or our loved ones. However, being able to give the gift of life to multiple recipients is a legacy worth leaving. Thank you for addressing this important topic.

  3. i am not signed up to be an organ donor yet, but it is definitely something I want to be signed up for! :) Thanks for sharing something so important especially in light off all the tragedy happening here in the USA

  4. Jean - that's horrendous. It must have been very difficult for you. I'm so sorry. Please don't let past experiences tarnish your view of something that could save people. After all, when I'm dead, my soul has already moved on. I have no need for my body :)

    Reese - I absolutely agree with you.

    Rachael - Tragedy often makes people think about this stuff. I hope many others will sign up as a result.


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