#AtoZChallenge: P is for Practical Magic


Practical Magic is one of my all time favourite movies. Starring my uber favourite actress Sandra Bullock and the amazingly talented Nicole Kidman, it's full of magic, mystery, love... and creepiness. Oh and I mustn't forget the very dreamy Aidan Quinn. Does anybody else think he's just gorgeous? Dianne Wiest and Stockard Channing also star... and they're both brilliant in it. All in all, I think this movie was perfectly cast.
This 1998 romantic comedy is based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Alice Hoffman which I can't believe I've never actually read. I really ought to sort that out!
Here's the general gist of the movie, if you haven't seen it:
Sisters Sally and Gillian Owens have always known they were different from each other. Raised by their aunts after their parents' death, the sisters grew up in a household that was anything but typical - their aunts fed them chocolate cake for breakfast and taught them the uses of practical magic. But the invocation of the Owens' sorcery also carries a price - some call it a curse: the men they fall in love with are doomed to an untimely death. Now adult women with very different personalities, the quiet Sally and the fiery Gillian must use all of their powers to fight the family curse and a swarm of supernatural forces that could take away all the Owen's lives. (Source: Wikipedia)
Not only is it a fantastic movie, but it also has a fantastic soundtrack, one which I often listen to when I'm writing. It's got a real inspirational feel... especially for writing fantasy.
Here are some more videos... check them out and listen to those fab songs!

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  1. I love this movie. It's one I really need to add to my collection.

  2. I loved this movie too. And the book is really fantastic. Much more interaction with the daughters. You really should read the book.

    I reviewed the book and movie a while back on my own blog (and gave it my own twist).

    Though she had no lines I LOVED Caprice Benedetti as the first Owens witch Maria.

  3. I adore this movie and it sits in my collection. Not only is Aidan Quinn quite attractive but so is Nicole's bad boyfriend ;)

  4. Emily... once you've got it, you won't want to stop watching!

    Timothy... I really must get hold of a copy. I'm off to read your review now :D

    Mshatch... He is attractive, except for when he's all creepy!

    Thanks for stopping by guys and gals :)

  5. It's been a while since I've seen this movie. I must go hunt it down and watch again.


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