#AtoZChallenge: R is for Raven


Raven is the first book I ever published. I made it free to download quite a while ago and downloads are probably over 100,000 by now (isn't that awesome?). It's almost hard to get my head around that!
The idea for the book came to me during a holiday to Canada at the end of 2009. Specifically it was during a picnic on a gorgeous little beach at Powell River, British Columbia. There we were surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, beautiful trees, the mountains in the distance and I just started imagining paranormal creatures hiding all around us. It sent shivers down my spine and it was there that my mind began to create the story of Lilly, a girl who moves to Canada after her parents mysteriously disappear from their London home.
There are two more books in The Raven Saga: December Moon and The Lost Soul. I frequently get emails from fans wanting me to write more. I'm considering it :)
If you'd like to read Raven. you can download it from Amazon for free right here (it's also available from all other online retailers). You can also get a FREE copy of Daisy Madigan's Paradise, a Morgan Sisters novella.
Here's the book trailer:


  1. I am hopping by on the A to Z and so glad I did. I am definitely going to have to look for your books and give them a read!

    Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader

  2. Thank you Lisa! I'm heading back to your blog now :D


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