Indie Life: Beta Readers


I've just finished writing my latest novel. It's always such a relief to get it done and sent off to my beta readers that I feel exhausted for days afterwards. Sometimes I even feel a little under the weather.
Anyway, it's in their hands at the moment and I shall wait with baited breath to see what they think of it. So far, I've had some AWESOME comments, which certainly helps me to breathe a little easier.
One of my beta readers is only 12! She's an absolute star and I'd hate to be without her now. I was gobsmacked when she approached me after she read The Raven Saga to ask if I needed a beta reader for any future books I might write. Apparently, she adored the series which is why she emailed me. Talk about make my day (week, month, year!). She's been sending me thorough notes over the past few days... I am so indebted to her, I really am.
But I won't start making any changes until I've had notes back from all the beta readers in a few weeks. So for now, I'm having a much needed break... YAY!
Don't forget that you can get Raven and Daisy Madigan's Paradise absolutely FREE!
Have an awesome month! :D


  1. What a great find! A writer friend of mine uses my boys periodically. She's brave because kids are such tough, brutally honest critics!

  2. That's pretty impressive having a twelve-year-old beta reader. Sounds like she's a great fit with your target audience.

  3. She sure is, Sandra!
    Isn't she just, Elizabeth!
    I'me very lucky indeed :D


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