Armchair BEA 2013 introductions


This is my first time celebrating the Book Expo of America and considering I am so very far away, I think it's fantastic that bloggers are able to participate in the Armchair BEA from all corners of the world. So for those of you that don't know me, please read on to find out just a little bit more about this YA author and blogger from Yorkshire...
I'm currently writing from the end of my dining table in my beautiful open plan house located at the foothills of the Monchique mountains in the very southern tip of Portugal, the Algarve. Did you know that Monchique is famous for its chicken piri-piri? It's absolutely delicious... especially when served with a chilled glass of white wine!
I've been blogging for a few years now, having started a completely different blog called Iberian Bird back in 2008. My very first post was entitled Who Am I? Very original, I know. I went on to post about all kinds of nonsense from clothes, concerts, motorbikes, etc. But it wasn't until a couple of years later that I began to focus more on books, reviews and so on. Eventually, after I published my first book, Raven, my blog became more exclusively about books for Young Adults which I am now slightly obsessed with!
I've had loads of favourite posts over the years. One particular post was about my ideal cast for the Raven Saga. Another favourite I posted just last week, was about my latest book, The Temporal Stone. 
I love reading other people's blogs too, especially ones dedicated to YA books - cover reveals, excerpts, author interviews, giveaways (I'm a sucker for a good giveaway). There are times (many times) when I really should be writing, but these blogs keep calling to me. Books A La Mode is one of my favourites. As is Parajunkee, YAlicious and YA Author Club. I subscribe to a whole host of them!


  1. Ohh! Yorkshire! I am just up the road near Newcastle! You're the first Armchair BEA blogger I've seen today not from the US!

  2. Ah, Portugal! I would love to visit someday, along with the Azores. My family is from the Azores, as well as my hubby's, so he always wants to take me their to see the country, where he was born. My only problem, my fear of flying, and by ship may be a little long of a trip. Enjoy, #ArmChairBEA

  3. Parajunkee!!!!!!
    And wow, you're the first to list a blog that at least I know of and stalk from time to time hehehe.

    Welcome to ArmchairBEA!!

    And yay!!! You're also the first international blogger I've found :D

    Nice to meet you!!!! -new follower now-

    Have an awesome time and I've GOT to try that chicken now thanks to you <3

    Here's my Introduction post for Day 1 if you'd like to stop by.
    Alba @ BookPics

  4. I really like your page! Welcome to ABEA! Now I want to pick up a copy of your book! I think that is the best part of is wonderful to come across new blogs and new authors! Have a great week!

  5. Yes to Parajunkee! Rachel is too cool. Love her. Welcome to Armchair BEA. I hope you enjoy the week. I'm not as far away as you are but still as unable to attend. A-BEA is my way of meeting new bloggers and experiencing as much of BEA as I can.


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