YA Author Club: Distribution


Today, the YA Author Club is talking about distribution and distribution lists. For my ebooks, I tend to use Smashwords to distribute my ebooks to all the major retailers (except for Amazon and Kobo which I do directl) because it is so easy and far less time consuming!
For my paperbacks, I use Createspace. Again, it's a convenient site. My only criticism is that the books are only printed in the US so when someone (including me!) orders my books, it can takes quite a while for them to arrive anywhere else in the world. This is also why I haven't been able to organise autographed copies yet! But I hope to sort that out soon enough.
For email distribution lists, I use mailchimp (I can never remember what that site is called... I usually have to google 'email monkey' to find it! lol), which is an amazing site. Anyone interested in receiving my newsletter (which is only a few times a year), can easily sign up on the form which can be found to the right (scroll down a bit) of this blog, on my website and even on my facebook page (just under the header). The email list is crucial for authors and if you haven't got one, I'd sort that out straight away!
For blog lists, my current favourite is bloglovin - again, its easy as pie and enables you to see what everyone is up to in a single email. I love it. To sign up, just click on the bloglovin face to the right of this post. :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the info! I was scratching my head the other day on how to do a newsletter. Thanks for reading my mind :)

    I've also been wondering how to do autographed copies. Let me know when you figure that out...see how I just ride your coat tails?

  2. LOL Elizabeth... it's usually the other way around! I'll keep you posted ;)


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