Indie Life: friends for life


My journey as an indie author has led me to meet so many fabulous people (mostly online) including authors, book bloggers, editors, cover designers, artists, even musicians and more. Living in the Algarve, there are few opportunities to mingle with other authors (in real life) as there are so few bookish events here, which is a shame. So when a friend of a friend had written a book recently, my name was put forward to help her get onto the indie 'ladder'.
Eleanor Smythe (a pen name) turned out to be such a hoot to be around. We've met up several times over the past couple of months and each time we get together, we talk for hours and hours! She has even started calling me her mentor which is hilarious in itself (!) but also very kind. I feel such an enormous kinship with Eleanor that I am so grateful to have been introduced to her and I am really looking forward to lots more chats about our writing and lives in general.
I'm sure Eleanor would love to hear from other authors and bloggers so please do pop over to her brand new blog and leave her a comment! You can find her at She's an absolute beginner at all this social networking malarkey so I'm sure she'll be delighted to hear from you.
* Eleanor is planning to release her first book, Perceptions, in September. 


  1. I've met some great indie authors online, but none in person, what fun. Heading over to check out her page now.

  2. Being able to meet so many great people is one of the reasons I love the internet. That's great you have been able to make such a good connection with Eleanor!

  3. How awesome that the both of you were able to connect. It sounds like you are a fabulous mentor! :) Going to visit her now.

  4. Hi, Suzy,
    I understand that lonesomeness as my writing crowd is mainly on the internet. Kudos to your friend on taking the leap.


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