Letting food be your medicine - something I feel very strongly about


My husband and I could be described as health freaks... him more than me (I like the odd glass of wine, the occasional black coffee and even a slice of cake once or twice a week!). We stopped eating dairy over a year ago, don't eat sugar (apart from in that occasional cake or in my coffee), have salad at least once a day, eat no red meat, etc. 
But it's not just meat, dairy, caffeine etc that we drastically cut down on. We are also very careful about what else we put in our bodies. I stopped dyeing my hair over two years ago because of the chemicals found in hair dyes, we no longer use deodorant with aluminium present and all shower gels we use have no chemicals within them. Oh and we don't take any form of medication.
Some people think we're over the top. We just think we're healthy (and we feel great for it!). Which is why, when I came across this book trailer, I wanted to hug the author. I asked him to provide a guest post so I could share it with my readers. So without further ado, please do read on (and watch the trailer), especially if you've been feeling under the weather...

The Pharmaceutical Myth: Letting food be your medicine is the answer for perfect health by Gerald Roliz, CNC

You can be healthy without pharmaceutical medications—really.
Forget the sick care paradigm and stop obsessing about your illness. You can live a healthy lifestyle. A global subculture called the “Health Catchers” does, and Gerald Roliz shows you how in his book The Pharmaceutical Myth (Createspace, May 11, 2013).
The Pharmaceutical Myth is based on Roliz’s controversial lectures, where he has captivated doctors alike with his take on the risks of pharmaceuticals and how to support the restoration of organ function with whole food nutrition and herbs.
Health Catchers, he argues, are no longer interested in catching disease. Instead they desire to catch “health.” They have abandoned the “sick care” (sick/Rx drug/side effect/Rx drug) and instead mastered the ancient medicine—whole food nutrition—to create vibrant lifestyles in the here and now, never fearing when it ends. The Health Catcher knows that the medical doctor doesn’t have all the answers and medical offices aren’t working to restore health. Money alone does not solve all health problems. The goal is to escape the sick care model entirely, not perish within it.
You can find an effective doctor—a healer without experiencing unwanted side effects or dangerous drug interactions. You can eliminate 100% of your health problems, regain your youth and become the model of health.
STOP worshipping people who prescribe medications. It is a fantasy that you will redeem your health and live optimally well while taking pharmaceuticals. START supporting your body to regenerate now instead of waiting for when you are least capable.
STOP seeing death and sickness as your end goal. It is a fantasy that pharmaceuticals alone will solve your health issues and make you happy. Health is nothing without nutrient dense foods. START healing and living more.
STOP blaming your genes and thinking “if only my parents had good health.” START taking responsibility and learning the skills and technologies that will allow you to achieve health and wellness forever (even if you are doctor).
Get ready to disrupt your reality, reset your system, and take the first steps to joining other Health Catchers. The Pharmaceutical Myth is the ultimate guide to improving your health and understanding the steps to take.

Gerald Roliz, CNC is pharmaceutical sales representative turned nutritionist. He holds undergraduate degrees from U.C. Berkeley in Psychology and Molecular & Cell Biology. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutical sales representative for 5 years where he taught Medical Doctors about Drug to Drug interactions, adverse side effects, and withdrawal syndrome caused by many of the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications.
His lectures enable all healthcare professionals to effectively forge relationships so that patients are provided proper guidance and instruction. Through this enhanced collaboration and cooperation among holistic health practitioners and western medical doctors, patients may discontinue medications that are no longer necessary. He also teaches the application of whole food nutrition for all patients with any acute or chronic health condition. For more information, please visit www.thepharmaceuticalmyth.com.
The Pharmaceutical Myth
Letting Food be Your Medicine 
Is the Answer for Perfect Health
by Gerald Roliz, CNC
on-sale: May 11, 2013


  1. My grandmother always said people were going to doctor themselves to death. I try to choose holistic cures over meds when I can...though right now I have this awful fluishness that makes me ache all over, so ibuprofen is my buddy right now.

  2. Your grandmother was a very wise woman, Elizabeth! Oh poor you... I hope you feel much better soon! :) xx

  3. This book sounds right up my alley. I am a believer in monitoring what you put in your body and am most interested in reading this one. I'm very concerned about this issue for my family as well. Thanks for sharing your post! I also enjoyed reading your post on A-Z Blog...that is how I found your blog.

    Cynthia@The Things You Can Read


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