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I love my Facebook fan Page. Since I created it, I've managed to amass some 3,600 fans! How awesome is that?? And not only that, I also have the most gorgeous banner image across the top, designed by the amazing Phil (a friend since I was ten years old and a very talented tattoo artist).
I guess I don't use my page nearly half as much as I ought to. Actually, I probably don't post that much on my personal page either - which currently has about 1,600 friends, most of whom are fellow authors! But I do spend a lot of time commenting on other people's posts and sharing whenever they post something fun  or book launches, etc.
I guess I haven't found my feet yet when it comes to promoting myself on facebook. The main thing that tends to happen on my fan page is that all blog posts automatically show up on the page feed, and whenever I have a new book out, I will put a few brief posts with all the necessary links.
I could probably use some advice on how best to use my facebook fan page to engage with readers... I'm all ears if anyone has anything to offer!!

Don't forget that I currently have THREE FREE books!! Yes, THREE!! Daisy Madigan's Paradise, The Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw and Raven. If you haven't got your copies, what are you waiting for??

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