Indie Author Series: Pinterest (Getting It To Work For You)


My name is Suzy Turner and I'm a Pinaholic.
There, I said it.
Honestly... whenever I open my Pinterest page, I'm like a women obsessed. I can't seem to stop.
'Dinner's ready!'
'I'll be two minutes.'
'Our guests have arrived!'
'Okay, just give me two minutes...'
'I think I've broken my leg...'
'Okay babe... just give me two minutes...'
Alright, maybe I'm not quite that bad, but it is bad. Pinterest should come with a warning.
But seriously, if you're not on Pinterest, why the heck not? It's awesome. Especially if you're a writer and need a little inspiration. I have a few boards that are dedicated entirely to my series. For instance, check out my Raven Saga mood board and my Morgan Sisters mood board. Whenever I see a picture that reminds me of my books or of a person that would make a great character, I pin it to my book boards and then when I'm writing, I check in every once in a while, have a really good browse and it's like pinspiration has gone off in my head! (Did you see what I did there?!)
I also have more fun / personal boards like recipes, art work I love, gorgeous houses, decor, movie stars, etc. You can check it all out at
As far as marketing is concerned, I'm not sure if it works for me or not. I always pin my books (and trailers) when they become available, but it's tough to tell whether it leads to any sales.
What about you? Are you an avid Pinterest user? Share your profile pages below :)

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  1. Pinaholic! That's me, too! Pinterest brings out my inner magpie. Every time I go on there, I’m like, "Oh! Shiny! Pretty! Must pin!" and before I know it, two hours have vanished into the ether. ;)


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