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I do love Twitter and I've currently got 5,933 followers. I follow everyone interesting (!) back, like fellow authors, book lovers, social networking experts, celebs I like, etc. However I won't follow anyone back that has no profile description or photo, because they're usually spammers or just people entering competitions and never interacting with anyone.
I use it to shout out about new book launches, blog posts and to RT other people's interesting tweets. I'm not one of those people who tweets religiously about my books. I see little point in doing that. I don't want to put people off and encourage them to unfollow me! I probably don't chat as much as I should, but I sometimes find it difficult to have a conversation with so few words. It's a fun social networking site though and there's always something fascinating to read!
What about you? Do you use Twitter much? Find me on Twitter, right here.

Don't forget that I currently have THREE FREE books!! Yes, THREE!! Daisy Madigan's ParadiseThe Ghost of Josiah Grimshaw and Raven. If you haven't got your copies, what are you waiting for?? And my next book (a chick lit novel) is due out soon. Read more about it here.

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  1. Don't worry Suzy, we'll tweet for you!*smiles*

    I know what you mean about some followers. I've had 4 followers in a week from Montreal with similar half dressed profile pics of girls, similar names, no web page and only a few book quote tweets on the profile. No chance of me following back! Same goes for companies selling products I don't use. I've had a few spammers as well which is annoying and one girl who just seems to shout and swear about weird stuff. It makes me feel pretty normal!

  2. I'm eagerly awaiting the chick lit!! Love your other stories, but my heart is filled with fluffy love and girl stuff ;)

    I am a twitter fail. And lately facebook too. I used to do it all so easily, but now it feels like pressure.


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