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Sorry I haven't been around much lately folks, but things have been CRAZY to say the least! After I finished my latest book (a chick lit novel called Forever Fredless), I wrote a short movie script which we have been making into a movie YAY! Its the most awesome fun, incredibly hectic and insane but fun all the same! On top of that, I got the flu, we went away for a few days and in the next few weeks we have more filming, we're away for a few more days and then we're off for a long Christmas holiday! I'm going to need it, I tell you!
Anyway, today I'm finally able to take part in the YA Storytellers fun..........

All the folks at the YA Storytellers are revealing some of their Must Have Reads. Here are just a few of my favourite YA reads (click the images)...

The Marchwood Vampire Series / Outside series
Shalini Boland

Shalini's books are absolutely amazing! I couldn't put them down :)

The Time Spirit Trilogy By Melissa Pearl
This series kept me up all night! When I finished the first book, thank goodness for Kindle so I could immediately download the second and third!!

Scarlet Vamporium by Poppet
Totally blew me away!! Poppet is one amazing author!

The Sentinel by Holly Martin
Holly is amazing author and I particularly loved the fact this book is set in the UK.

Witchwood Estate by Patti Roberts

This is one of those series that leaves you desperate for more. I can't wait for the next book!!

Don't forget to check out the awesome for more fantastic YA reads :)

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