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It's been a funny couple of months since I was last able to post something for Indie Life. My whole routine went out the window. I was supposed to be writing my next YA book and my next Chick Lit book (I have started both of them though, so don't worry!) but then I was completely sucked into a whole different project. I've mentioned it a few times already but it's a movie based on one of my books. Well, based on my series, The Morgan Sisters. It's meant to be a short movie (about 15 to 20 minutes long) and we're making it here in the Algarve - which in itself has given us some challenges considering the books are set primarily in or around London! But we're coping okay. So far we've shot quite a few scenes in the back of people's gardens - wild gardens, I might add! Everyone involved in the project, which now has a name by the way - The Eye of Praxos - is offering their time up free of charge which is just amazing.
We have some really talented people on board - not just the actors (who are AWESOME), but those people behind the scenes too, music, sound, camera, assistant directors, extras - the lot! And then of course there's the awesome locations we've been lucky enough to have. The local private hospital allowed us to shoot several scenes within one of their rooms (as well as the corridor). We are so very lucky and very excited about it all!
I feel truly blessed at the moment, to be able to work on something like this. I mean, this is a movie! And it's based on my books! And I wrote the script! It can't get much cooler... can it?
For now though, we are taking a break for Christmas. We'll be resuming filming towards the end of January and I'm pretty excited about that too! I can't wait.
For now though, here are some stills from The Eye of Praxos (oh, almost forgot, do come along and 'like' our FB page to find out more as we progress).

Huge thanks to:
Cindy and Paul for offering up their garden for some of the scenes. Check out their amazing holiday villa:
The Hospital Particular do Algarve for allowing us to shoot an important scene there.
The owner of Quinta das Quatro Abelhas for giving us his awesome garden for some of the creepier scenes.
Pedro Frias for being such an awesome director and musician.
Sammy Sheehan for her amazing makeup and prop-making skills!
Emma Rossi for her beautiful voice - for flying all the way over to Portugal help us create the music!
Everybody else who has helped out in some way with the movie. I'm looking forward to working with you all again in January :)Sign up to the Indie Life newsletter here.

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