More great reviews for Forever Fredless! YAY!


I'm absolutely delighted to find yet another amazing review for my latest book, Forever Fredless, on Amazon today!!
Here's what people have been saying:

'I'm not usually drawn to YA romances but I wanted to get something for my Seventeen year old daughter for Christmas. I had heard about Suzy's books and I decided to read one. I was pleasantly surprised. Kate, the heroine isn't a dreamy eyed girl waiting for her night in shining armor. She has a career, a good head on her shoulders and is even funny. It's nice to see that the author has evolved a bit the YA chic lit stereotypes bringing the genre into this century. I enjoyed it and think teens and preteens will too! I will pick up another one of Turner's books especially the one featuring homelessness in its platform. I like how the author finds a way to incorporate issues that we shouldn't forget about in our mundane lives especially during the holidays.'

'I don't usually read chick lit books because I consider them sappy, where most times the heroine spends the entire time whining about the man she can't get. But nope, not this one! Kate is a wonderful main character. She is strong, independent and not moping around for her long-lost man. She has a great life with a rewarding career and devoted friends, and suddenly, out of the blue, a huge inheritence from a long-lost uncle she never really knew. Yes, her Fred from her memories is always with her, but the book is mostly about her relationships with her friends, the people and men she meets along the way, not to mention how in the world she is going to handle her new-found riches. Kate is a loveable character, and she and her friends have just the relationship any woman would want to be a part of. They are all so much fun, as is this book. A wonderfully fun, light, happy read. Just what chick lit should be!'

'I must start this review by stating that this is an absolutely Magnificent book.Right from the first page I was enveloped in such a good feeling that I did not want to stop reading.Kate was only 12 when she met her soulmate on holiday with her parents. The problem was, she never got the chance to talk to him and find out his name. Fast foreword almost twenty years and he is still on her mind. Kate's story is a whirlwind of the most unimaginable occurrences and it is a Must read.Such a lovely story, it is a true feel good book that I highly recommend to all lovers of pure literature.Brava to Suzy Turner who not only writes with the ease of a natural storyteller but delivers what every reader hopes for, a story that satisfies mind,body and soul.'

'This tale is so delightful. It is unlike any novel I have ever read, and despite me loving the cover to bits, it in no way gives you a true sense of the work's interior. The style this is written in is such a feel good vibe, that even when our main character trips over a briefcase and brains herself to the point of bleeding and hospitalization, the net result is you end up laughing your head off at her misfortune. There is something very 'Bridget Jones'-ish about this novel. It has the the same happy go lucky 'a series of unfortunate debacles and situations', all while being told in such a funny way that you are not feeling down or worried or stressed, instead her misfortune is your opportunity to have a good giggle.Suzy Turner usually writes Ya novels, and I've read them. They are dark and intense bites of paranormal adventure, so this little treasure is a delightful surprise, and I urge Turner to continue writing chick-lit like this because if she does she'll be hailed as the next Helen Fielding of our time.'

'This is a nice, cozy read - just what you would expect from a light romantic comedy. If I haven't rated it five stars, it's only because of a small technical matter: I am certain that Suzy Turner's next book will be even better. Because "Forever Fredless", with its light irony and a very contemporary young woman as a main character, is a total break from the past - Suzy Turner has found the genre that suits her best, there is no doubt about that. She should be congratulated for having had the courage to change genre, it's both a big step forward and a huge challenge in an author's career. But now, in future, her books will need to be, as it were, fine-tuned. For example, there is not quite the suspense level you might want in this one. I would have liked to see her protagonist suffer more, perhaps being stalked by a true villain so that my pulse would start racing.
On the other hand, Suzy Turner's talent shows through in the writing, and there is no question that she has crafted a highly likeable protagonist. You are going to find yourself rooting for her and hoping that she will eventually find true love and happiness. Whether she does or not, I won't give away here! But be sure that this is a fun read, and I recommend it.'

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  1. AWESOME!! I still have it on my read list. I do a first loaded, first read sort of triage. But this is one I am anxious to get to!

  2. Aww thanks Elizabeth. You're such a star :) xxx


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