Alchemy (Prophecy Breakers) by Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse and Sabrina West


Title: Alchemy (Prophecy Breakers)
Authors: Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse and Sabrina West
Genre: YA Parnormal Romance
We didn’t know how much we had to lose until we were infected with magic. Sam was in love, Juliette was the main caretaker for her siblings, and Ana and her dad planned the best parties in New York. But we lost it all when we were shipped to Chebeague, an exclusive school for newly infected mages.
Everyone knows about the mages, those who survive the infection and end up with magical abilities. We’ve seen the power of magic, the high-paying jobs, and the world fame. But we never saw the cost. We didn’t know we’d be forced to give up everything: sanity, family, even the right to talk on the phone.
We didn’t know mage was just another word for prisoner.

This morning (was it really just this morning?) while Daddy finished up all the last minute things for the party, my new stepmom Pam insisted that we have a girl’s day, just the two of us. We’d get our nails and our hair done, maybe even a massage. I had to cancel my plans with my best friend Lucia, but I felt like I owed it to Daddy to try.
Biggest mistake ever.
"My friend, Susan, just had a baby. Do you remember her? The one at the wedding with the cute little baby bump?” I nodded uncertainly, and Pam barreled on. “It’s hard to believe you and I have already been a family for 6 months, don’t you think? We’ll just stop by the hospital for half a sec. After all, that baby might just turn out to be this little one’s best friend.” She rubbed her still flat belly and smiled. “Please?”
Never believe anything that Evil Hag says. The next thing I knew I was screaming and struggling to get out of a glassed-in room on some closed ward. Everyone was wearing special suits so they wouldn’t catch the Magically Transmitted Disease from me, and everything I said about not having one just made them more certain that the insanity caused by the disease was already getting to me. The Evil Hag was standing on the other side of that glass wall, texting somebody -- probably Daddy, tapping on her phone’s keypad with her newly manicured nails that matched mine. I knew what I wanted to do with my fancy flowered nails, and it didn’t involve texting. Finally they gave up on the IV and four nurses held me down while a doctor came at me with a long, gleaming needle.

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About the Authors
Sabrina West, Sheena Boekweg and Melanie Crouse never dreamed they would actually create a book worth publishing when they started writing together. Alchemy was merely supposed to be an exercise in flexibility. And it has been that, but it is so much more. Friendships that span the American continent have been forged, and unforgettable characters have been created.
Writing this first book in the Prophecy Breakers was a fun-filled adventure, and we hope that reading it is just as fun for you.
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