Cover Reveal: The Deathly Roses by Melina Turner


I always love to come to the aid of fellow authors so when Melina Turner did a shout out on Facebook  to help share her cover, I couldn't refuse! And it's a gorgeous cover too. Check it out...

The Deathly-Roses by Melina Turner
GENRE: Dark YA Prose/Narative Parafantasy
Publishing: Beling self-published 22nd March 2014
Cover Design is by the amazing Sarah Foster from Sprinkles On Top Studios

The Deathly-Roses Volume 2 BLURB:
"Choices are but a means to a beginning...or an end."
In the second volume of "The Deathly-Roses" a more sinister plot is revealed by the angel; Wisty calls her Guardian Angel. Is it by chance Iriami Duvua just happened to be in Acrelain?
As the sides of good and evil twist the boundaries, its time Wisty chose a side and relived her legend, a legend grafted for her by someone else...
What side will she choose? Who is really the bad guy? Will Wisty ever find more on her real family?

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