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Okay, so I signed up to take part in the Eternal Mixture blog tour with author Shevaun Delucia - probably because I just fell in love with the author's name LOL! And then she sent me her author picture and I was in awe of it. Isn't it just GORGEOUS! Anyway, let's get on with this tour. I asked Shevaun a few questions, and I just love her personality! Come and meet her...

I see that you live in Upstate New York... is your book also based there? And if so, describe it to us, including how it has inspired you.
Eternal Mixture is set in Webster, my hometown, in Upstate New York. I figured, why not pick a location/town that I grew up in? I know this place like the back of my hand. All my childhood memories revolve around this town, and let’s not forget my mischievous teenage years. Because boy, did I venture out!
I’d have to say so many of my teenage memories revolve around Webster Park. There were cook-outs in the park, hanging out with friends, venturing down towards the lake where I would walk hand-in-hand with a boyfriend down the small Webster pier, and just hanging out at night on the little pebbled beach with friends, jamming to music until security would come and tell us to leave. Oh yeah, did I mention being mischievous? Lol. There was a lot of that. Shhh! Just don’t mention that to my kids!
All of these memories helped lay the scenery for Eternal Mixture. Raina’s favorite spot is the park. This is where she can relax with friends during the summer, when it’s alive and scattered with people, or she can come during the off-season when it’s quiet and secluded, giving her a chance to clear her head from the everyday hassles of being a teenager.
As far as the history/background of the book, while doing some research, I came across a stunning lake in Alberta, Canada called Lake Louise. It took my breath away, and that is where the seeds of Eternal Mixture were planted. (More of this will be in book #2.)

What inspired Eternal Mixtures?
The inspiration for Eternal Mixture was birthed during one of my online English classes titled, “Short Stories.” With the idea of becoming a writer came the quick realization that I sucked in the basic knowledge and skills of English. Unfortunately, during my school-aged years, my concentration was limited to the boys’ anatomy versus punctuation and sentence structure. I’m sure you can guess what topic won. Lol.
With this being said, 10 years out of school, I decided to enroll myself back into the community college. I packed in all types of English classes. Anything that might help with my creativity and improve my skills in writing.
During my second semester, I began an online short story class. Our professor gave us topics, and we created stories based on that subject. I think the assignment was to find something extraordinary about an ordinary person. I laugh while writing this only because I did the exact opposite, which gave me the start of this book. My professor loved the story, but ultimately told me I didn’t follow the stipulations and gave me a low grade.Whoops!
Months later, the story still remained front and center in my head, almost like it was calling me. So, I sat down at my computer and decided to let the story talk. And voila!Eternal Mixture was born!

Are any of your characters based on real people? Where do you get ideas for your character names?
No, unfortunately these characters aren’t based on real people. But boy do I wish! Brent is every girl’s fantasy, and if he was real growing up, let’s just say I would have been in somebig trouble!
As far as their names, in my original short story Raina was named Nautia, but after I tried it out for a while, it just didn’t fit her.
I honestly can’t recall where I heard the name Raina, but I did, and I loved it. I like to find out the meanings of names, and Raina means “queen.” When I hear the name, I think of innocence meets wisdom. This will make more sense when reading the book!
Brent has always just been Brent. With his name, I immediately thought of the cute boy/sexy glob of hotness. Oh, come on! We’ve all met a boy who’s fallen into this category, right? Lol.
The others—Bailey, Maddie, Jenna, Jason/Edmund—were just names that called to me as I was creating their characters.

Tell us your plans for your literary future!!
Eternal Mixture Series is a three-book series. So, right now I am working on book #2! My hope is for the world to fall in love with Brent and Raina as much as I have. It just takes one person to start the domino effect! In the future, I would love to dabble in mature adult romance. The edginess of this type of writing is exciting, so stay tuned for my future endeavours!

If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?
Raina Richmond has played it safe her entire life. She has never broken the rules. That is, until Brent Alexander walked straight into her life, causing havoc. Turning her world upside down.
Brent is the new kid in town. He is every girl’s fantasy: adorable, charming, chiseled, and the typical boy Raina usually steers clear of. But there is just something about him she can’t seem to resist. Safe is no longer an option for her. For him, she breaks all the rules.
What she doesn’t realize is that he holds the key to her past, present, and future. Once he reveals the reasons behind their irrevocable connection, she will unlock the answers to all of her questions, and her life as she knows it will never be the same again.
Release date: November 1st 2013
Publisher: Words Written LLC

Shevaun DeLucia lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, overly rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own. | |

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  3. The books sounds very interesting, and the cover is definitely eye-catching and unique. Thanks for alerting me to a new book to add to my TBR!


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